Hatch Art Project

Rai Julian's exhibition at Hatch Art Project 'Right Hand' Left is a must-see for lovers of contemporary art. Featuring a range of captivating paintings, Rai's work embodies the beauty and complexity of the human experience.

Hatch Art Project

Hatch Art Project is proud to present Indonesian painter, Rai Julian, in his debut solo exhibition with the gallery, ‘Right Hand Left’. The genesis of Rai’s new collection of works was instigated by embracing a forced shift from his dominant right hand. The novel experiences and altered perceptions between the right and left hemispheres of thinking, as well as the discovery of nuances and style in utilizing his left hand, augmenting the artist’s signature style. The Bali-based artist incorporates all of the offerings and anxieties of paradise on earth. The new body of work explores the sacred and profane, dramatic and comedic, and figurative and abstract intersections.

Rai’s poetic painterly vocabulary includes metal typeface text and motifs from underground music and tattoo culture. The characters, interiors, and iconography allude to a personal yet foreign affinity. His paintings open us to a capacity to live

imaginatively and curiously. Through innocent renderings evoking a lost way of seeing, the scenarios function as a means to at once relieve our anxieties and touch more innovative experiences, embracing change and all its idiosyncrasies.

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