Rai Julian is a contemporary artist based in Canggu, Indonesia, known for his uplifting narratives and profound visual poetry. Inspiration from a diverse range of artists.


Born in Bandung in 1994, Rai Julian left culinary school to devote himself to his passion. Drawing since he can remember, Rai had no intentions of becoming an artist; however, it unexpectedly became a significant part of his life when he started doing what he loved.

After brief stints in the university studying communication and behind drum kits in the underground music scene, he picked up his first brush during the pandemic. He poured his heart and soul into his paintings.

Rai’s art is heavily influenced by his multicultural friends and surroundings — people with diverse backgrounds and unique stories. Through his art, Rai shares not only his personal experiences but also those of the people around him, making every piece truly special and reflective of his community. Rai’s art could be described as a medley of uplifting narratives and profound visual poetry; often emulating the joy of everyday things.

Rai now lives and works in Bali with his dog, holding a canvas in one hand and an Arak bottle in another.

2023 - ‘Right Hand Left’ - Hatch Art Project, Singapore
2022 - ‘Sosok’ - Badabink Gallery, Singapore

2024 - ‘CO-IN-SEE’ - The Slow - Rai Julian & Tua Pennot, Bali, Indonesia
2022 - ‘Price Of Paradise’ - Crate Gallery - Rai Julian & Rama Indirawan, Bali, Indonesia

2024 - ‘Mana Uluwatu’ - Mana Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia
2023 - ‘A Bold Harmony’ - Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok, Thailand
2023 - ‘Fashion show and art exhibition’ - Russ Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
2023 - ‘A kind of Blue’ - Hatch Art Project, Singapore
2323 - ‘Flex: art at sphere’ - Hatch Art Project, Singapore
2022 - ‘Damaria x Wild Skids’ - ATENSI Group Exhibition, Bali, Indonesia
2002 - ‘Different Feeling Baby’ - Ruko Three, Bali, Indonesia


2023 - ‘Artist series Rai Julian x Proven goods’ - Proven Goods,  Bandung, Indonesia
2022 - ‘Artists series Rai Julian x Zodiac’ - Zodiac, Jakarta, Indonesia

2023 - Rai Julian Gelar Exhibition, ‘Right Hand Left’ di Hatch Art Project, Singapura - HYPEBEAST
2022 - ZODIAC Luncurkan Artist Series Kelimanya Bareng Rai Julian’ - Zodiac, Jakarta, Indonesia - HYPEBEAST
2022 - Diet Paratha founder Anita Chhiba’s home is all about championing South Asian talent - Vogue India
2022 - Rai Julian Gelar Solo Exhibition Perdananya, “S O S O K”, di Bada Bink Gallery, Singapura, Singapore - HYPEBEAST